Tear Trough
Tear Trough

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Tear Trough
Tear Trough

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Tear Trough

A client may be bothered by under eye depressions which run from the nose and all around under the eye. This condition is known as the tear trough. The soft tissue in this highly sensitive or thin-skinned area of the face starts to lose volume naturally as one ages, unflattering referred to as “eye bags” and this loose skin can cause shadows which manifest as “dark circles”. We use a very careful multiple puncture technique, injecting the dermal filler deep just above the orbital bone. We inject many times, depositing small boluses, and massaging them and moulding them carefully along the way. Effects may last up to a year, then Dermal filler is repeatedly injected just above the orbital bone. By a series of many injections, each of which deposits a small bolus. These small lumps of dermal filler are massaged and moulded by hand all along the tear trough pathway. These treatments are specific to the individual and results, while invariably successful, will be unique, based upon the shape of orbital bone, depth of hallow, and how a person's body absorbs or rejects the product. Our aesthetic specialist will tailor​ the work in an exclusive in-depth consultation in order to address your particular desired outcome and the best options for treatment.


Single Session

Tear Trough Treatment                                           £595


  • Adds volume to the depression of the tear trough

  • Hides age related changes at underneath of lower eyelid

  • Improves the appearance of eye darkness

  • Improves the appearance of tiredness and stress


  • How does it work?

  • As the face ages, lower eye "bags" and dark circles appear. In the past, it was felt that only surgery could improve the eye bags, and there were no effective non-surgical treatments​ at all​ for these annoying dark under-eye circles. To deal with this problem, we use a precision​-placed​ multiple puncture technique by an extremely fine needles that cause only minimal discomfort. The dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid is injected just above the orbital bone. These non-surgical tear trough treatments are minimally invasive and very subtle, effectively filling in the hollow areas beneath the eyes. Hyaluronic acid is the body’s natural moisturiser. In order to make sure there is an even, natural looking distribution of the product, your highly trained and skilled practitioner will gently massage the treatment under the skin using the fingertips. Like a patchwork, we slowly build up the filler. Due to this special technique, we have never had to employ hyalase, a product that melts the filler away. Remarkably, the procedure of injection takes only 25 minutes and the results are outstanding. This single procedure can rejuvenate a tired, aged appearance like nothing else.

  • Am I a suitable candidate?

  • While we do not know of any risks to those who are breastfeeding or pregnant, we would advise you to wait until these circumstances have changed.

  • Does it hurt?

  • The orbital circle area is not especially sensitive; therefore, pain is typically very minimal. It is possible to render the procedure virtually pain-free by numbing the area using a topical anaesthetic cream​*​ immediately prior to beginning the treatment. However, after procedure bruising may cause a little bit of discomfort for few days.

  • Are there any side effects?

  • While unusual, some side-effects ​occasionally ​occur. These are redness, swelling and bruising, however all of these are relatively insignificant and will resolve quickly in a few days. We have found that the most common side effect is bruising, which can be disguised with cover stick or foundation.  Applying a dose of topical Arnica to the affected area is recommended, if you want to help a bruise heal more rapidly. Topical Arnica is usually best for skin bruises; however, homeopathic Arnica tablets can also be helpful.

  • How long do the results last?

  • As with almost all Hyaluronic Acid injections, we anticipate results to last between 6-12 months​, although it has been our experience that it may last considerably longer. We advise top ups to achieve optimal results and upon reaching that plateau, the effects can be much longer lasting.

  • How long does the procedure take?

  • The treatment takes only about 20-25 minutes, and to the delight of patients, the results are instantaneous.

   * Anaesthetic: Anaesthetic cream can be applied approximately 20-30 ​minutes ​prior to treatment.