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Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a non-surgical fat removal procedure. There are areas of the body where inflexible fat deposits are difficult to shift, even with heavy exercise and diet, and cavitation technology provides a non-surgical attack that helps make it disappear. Clients are pleased to be able to see immediate results that​ will continue with the reduction of fat for up to a week following the treatment.


                                        Single Session             6 Sessions

Ultrasonic Cavitation        £120                           £600


  • Reduces fat cells

  • Breaks fat cells into triglycerides

  • Safe and effective for removal of superficial fat accumulation

  • Very effective in elimination of cellulite

  • No pain

  • Non-invasive

  • Which areas can be treated?

  • Many areas including abdomen, flanks, inner thighs, hips, buttocks, knees, and arms can be treated.

  • How long does the procedure take?

  • Treatment usually takes from 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area.

  • When can I expect to see results?

  • Following the first procedure, optimum results will be visible in about two weeks.

  • Are there any contraindications for Ultrasonic Cavitation?

  • Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not have this procedure.

  • What is the after care?

  • We recommend that you do not consume any alcohol or caffeine on the day of your treatment. Heavy meals immediately before and after are not advised, Two litres of water per day are recommended during your course of Ultrasonic Cavitation treatments.

  • How many sessions will I need?

  • Typically, 4-6 sessions of treatment with interval of every 2 weeks are recommended. 

  • What are the risks and complications of Ultrasonic Cavitation?

  • Possible bruising


  • What is Ultrasonic Cavitation? 

  • It is the latest technology which can target specific focused areas of fat in the fastest possible treatment time. Ultrasound cavitation eliminates fat cells from the body safely, efficiently and non-invasively. Targeted ultrasonic waves are used to effectively destroy fat cells while not harming any other cells in your body. The treatment is pain-free and produces relatively fast visible results with no downtime. Damaged cells are flushed away over the next two month by a natural removal process.   

  • How does Ultrasonic Cavitation work?

  • Probes are placed on the skin in areas of cellulite, during Ultrasonic Cavitation treatment. These implements emit ultrasonic waves through the skin which stimulates the fat cells to break down. Ultrasound waves specifically target the unwanted fat cells, disrupting them to a liquid state. This fatty liquid will leave your body naturally once this has been achieved.